It’s definitely a good
time to open that bottle

Your only dilemma now is which colour to pick

It’s Definitely A Good Time To Open That Bottle

Your only dilemma now is which colour to pick

Introducing the latest addition to the SANTUS™ family


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Keeping it fresh like it’s Day 1

The SANTUS™ Vibra isn’t just about serving wine; it’s about preserving its very essence.

From the moment a bottle is placed into the Vibra, we work tirelessly to maintain that ‘Day 1’ freshness. For up to 14 days.

Whether it’s a robust Bordeaux or a delicate Riesling, the Vibra ensures that every pour tastes as vibrant and fresh as if the bottle was just opened.

Enjoy every sip with Vibra.

A shade for every space

Available in 4 colours, the SANTUS™ Vibra now fits effortlessly in every part of your home.

Find a colour that suits you.

It is smarter than it looks

Automated preset volumes

Select between 50ml to 150ml and pour the perfect glass at your desired volume.

Preferred temperature settings

Serve your Chardonnay at 10 °C, Burgundy at 18 °C or anything else in between.

Inclusive Features

Set up in less than 1 minute

The Vibra is engineered to be user-friendly. Just turn on the power, insert a new filter, connect the hanging cap to the wine stopper and you are ready to go

From preparation to dispensing in 3 steps

Put the dispensing tube into the wine bottle and lock it, put the wine bottle into the chamber, close the door and press to dispense.

Easy control at your Fingertips

The Vibra can be paired with the SANTUS™ App for additional settings based on your preference.

Customised volume dispensing

With the help of the App, set the desired volume of wine for each pour.

Alerts put guessing out of the way

Alerts will be sent from the Vibra to your SANTUS™ App, indicating the duration which the wine bottle has been opened and when the filter needs replacement.

Temperature control settings

View the current temperature of the chamber at any time and set the desired temperature of your choice from 10-18ºC.

A further look at the SANTUS™ Vibra

Our simplistic yet vibrant design is aimed to be a conversation starter.
You would be proud to display this in the kitchen, living room, hair salon, restaurants and even your office pantry.

Compare models and colors



157 x 200 x 495 mm


ABS Material


Height: 295 - 320 mm 
Max diameter: 80 mm


3.6 kg

7 kg incl. packaging


Preserves 8 bottles of wine


Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz WiFi
Temperature control


12V - 5A  / 60W



175 x 201.5 x 524 mm


ABS, PMMA, Aluminum Alloy


Height: 220 - 330 mm
Max diameter: 88mm


4.2 kg

6 kg incl. packaging


Preserves 8 bottles of wine


Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WiFi
Temperature control
Volume Presets


12V - 5A  / 60W

Get SANTUS™ now

 A Taste of Elegance at any time with Andante and Vibra

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